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 Our frames are made in small quantities to ensure quality and excellence. 

That’s where Primus Bikes is different. We  also sell directly to the consumer. No middle man. We make completely custom bikes from paint, to components to wheels. 

Our bikes are made with Toryca Toray carbon T700, T800, and T1000 fiber using EPS technology. 






Our high performance carbon frames are light, strong and built for speed with aerospace grade Toray T700, T800, and T1000 carbon fiber and eps technology.


Heres what our customers have to say about their Primus Bikes

Derek H., Indiana

Derek H., Indiana

Full suspension 29

"It has the speed of a XC racer, yet the travel combo makes it feel like a trail bike when I want it to.  Full carbon build combined with lock out and 28 tooth oval ring make it a climbing machine. Fell in love with it even more today, getting used to gearing.  Perfect compliment to my enduro bike "

Donna M., Alabama

Donna M., Alabama

Full suspension 27.5

"I ride a Primus mountain bike, but I’d like to ride it more. Actually if I could ride it everyday,that’d be about just right. When I decided I deserved a new mountain bike (and don’t we all), I started shopping around. After six months, I still hadn’t found what I wanted, then I met Matt at a race. He listened to what I wanted, made a few suggestions and started the assembling of my bike. I got to specify a full carbon frame, the exact color (screaming green), wheel size (27.5), suspension (dual with lockout), gearing (2x10), seat (Terry sport), etc . . . After a few months of anticipation, I picked up my bike. I like the fact that I bought from a Mississippi company and from a guy who rides his own bikes. I’d like to think I will always get personalized service. By the way, my very first ride on my Primus was Skool of Hard Knox 50 miler. Believe me, the bike outrode me!"

Tim L. , Mississippi

Tim L. , Mississippi

Hardtail 29

I love my Primus Hardtail rides like its on rails and climbs like a goat!!